Cloudfarms Pig Management is developed in close collaboration between the leading Danish pig producers in Europe and senior IT people with more than 20 years experience in developing advanced IT systems for non-technical users. This specific combination has enabled a unique opportunity to develop the most fitted, modern and flexible Pig Management solution in the market today.

One of the cornerstones in the Cloudfarms Pig Management solution and further development of functionality is simplicity, usability and transparency.

Today we have customers in 15 countries and on 3 continents. The system runs in 14 languages.


The Cloudfarms Team


Jens Toppenberg

Jens is leading Cloudfarms and ensures that our customers needs are fulfilled fast and as  promised. Jens loves intuitive and easy solutions that non-IT people can use without getting frustrated. Jens is from Denmark and worked for Oracle 16 years before starting Cloudfarms. He has lived in Slovakia many years with his wife and 3 kids. Cafe-Latte is a must every morning. More about Jens.


Gregor Raýman

Gregor is our technical guru and solution architect, he is leading all development of Cloudfarms. Gregor has 20 years of experience in IT and made solutions for companies like Oracle and T-com. He has lived 16 years in Germany and is now settled in Slovakia. When Gregor needs to relax he hides behind his Mac to creates some new cool features. At home he is busy playing with his 2 boys. You want to know more about Gregor.


Juraj Mäsiar

Juraj is creative programmer who makes cool and user friendly features, helping our customers interact with Cloudfarms easily and intuitively. Juraj graduated from Slovak University of Technology, FIIT. He has been a member of the Cloudfarms team almost from the “birth” of the company. Juraj likes rollerblading, tinkering with electronics and  fresh milk in his cafe-latte. Know more about Juraj.


Gabriel Forró

Gabriel is our experienced KPI guru who creates all the nice, useful and essential reports used to control our customers’ pig production performance. Gabriel is the third generation in his family focusing on pig production, that combined with his great programmer and solution architect skills, makes him a unique and valuable team player. Previously Gabriel has worked for companies like Accenture and Empire. He is Slovak, but also fluent in Hungarian. Together with his wife Gabriel has 2 daughters. Read more about Gabriel.


Radoslav Martinec

Rado is the Android expert in the team, he can make complex functionality look easy and simple on any mobile device. He has worked more than 10 years with IT development for companies like Siemens and Globesy. You want to know more about Rado.


Matej Klobusnik

Martej is the data import and integration specialist in the team, he makes sure data are safely exchanged between systems like Cloudfarms and DanArvl. Matej returned from a job i Norway to join the Cloudfarms team. Along side working for Cloudfarms he has also recently finished his degree in Information Technology.  Get to know more about Matej.