Issue management

Issue management


Issue Management is to help you to capture, manage and control all different kind of issues arising on your farm or farms.

With issue management you are able to capture and log an issue when you see it, categorize it and assign it to a responsible person. You can take pictures of the issue so you can easily document the state when the issue has been logged and then later when it has been resolved.

Everyone on the farm with access to issue management can add comments and pictures to the issue so that you can use it as a platform for solving more complex issues involving more people.


For example when a heating lamp in the farrowing stable is broken and needs to be exchanged, you can easily log the issue when you spot the problem. The responsible person will promptly see that there is the broken lamp and can repair it before it causes problems during the upcoming farrowing.

As a manager you can easily see who is taking care of the issues, what steps are taken to resolve them and how fast are they being resolved.

On the mobile you can see how many open issues there are by a small red number showing up on the Issue Management icon.

You can create you own issue categories, which will allow you to filter your issues. The categories are defined at holding level and give you the possibility to standardize across all your farms