Newsletter 1st of December 2015

Newsletter 1st of December 2015

New helpful features for Cloudfarms App

We have the last months been working hard on adding functions of the Smart Mobile App to improve usability and providing more functions to the mobile users. Below you can see some of the new helpful features:

7 inch tablet support – you can now run Cloudfarms Smart Mobile App on your 7 inch






Selling from a Box locations now offers pick list – when selling pigs via the mobile you can now Screenshot_BOX sellingpick the animals from a specific box location. Cloudfarms is also telling you which boxes that have animals which fits your order you are currently picking animals to.
From the selected box you can pick which animals you like to add to your shipment.

Mobile app now supports the full order fulfillment for breeding animals. 
Starting from fulfilling the orders to the actual selection of pigs in the stables, overview of fulfillment and shipping. You can create your individual shipping and select the individual animals directly on the mobile. Also you can see a list of the selected animals with details like animal type, name, number of animals, weight, index, age, etc.

“Freeze” for Medicine usage – now the medicine registration has been made faster on the mobile by using the Cloudfarms “freeze” feature. It means you can enter the medicine with only few tabs on the screen.

UHF reader with Smart Mobile App – It is now possible to have mobile phone with an UHF/LF reader for ear tags and Cloudfarms app running on the same device. There is a seamless integration between the ear tag reader and Cloudfarms. By having it all integrated in one light device you can operate with one hand enables you to work easily and fast.

kina mobil med CF small







Spanish language
– the application is now also running in Spanish and we are constantly adding new languages.