Devices running or integrated to Cloudfarms

Devices running or integrated to Cloudfarms

Cloudfarms run on Android mobile phones and integrates seamlessly to BACK FAT scanners and EAR TAG readers. See our recommendations for devices. The integration means you can save time and improve your data quality.

Run Cloudfarms App on your mobile

The Smart Mobile application can run on all Android phones with an Android version 4.1 and higher plus a screen resolution min. 480 x 800. We recommend to use models build for rough environments, with high dust and water resistance and shock prove.

The models we have good experience with are:

Samsung Xcover 3




Back Fat Scanner

Cloudfarms integrate to the Cylinder Back Fat Scanner. The scanner enables you to make back fat scanning and with one click get the information in Cloudfarms:plindberg back fat scanner

  • Cylinder Back Fat Scanner from P. Lindberg (Bluetooth) – The scanner shows the total fat in mm and measures 3 layers. A display shows the result for each layer and it is fully integrated to Cloudfarms via Bluetooth.
    In Cloudfarms you can then see the back fat history per animal and e.g. make correlation between back fat at service time to the amount of live/still born.

Ear Tag Scanners LF/UHF

Cloudfarms integrate to the following LF and UHF ear tags scanners either via Blue Tooth or it is directly build into the device. The ear tag number is automatically displayed in the Cloudfarms app after it is scanned:

UHF/LF reader for ear tags from P. Lindberg – the reader/phone can run the Cloudfarms kina mobil med CF smallapplication. It is an all in one solution where the Cloudfarms app and ear tag reader are build into one smart phone device, enabling you to use only one hand for reading the animal ear tag and entering data. This is very flexible and minimizes the data entry time and effort. The smart phone is handy and only a bit larger than a standard smart phone.
Reading distance up to 50 cm.



LF readers integrated to Cloudfarms:

  • Portable Handheallflex RS420_detail.wmld RFID Stick Reader for Livestock Management
  • AllflexRS420 from Allflex  – this stick reader has a good reading distance of approx. 40 cm for HDX ø30 mm EID tags.
  • XRS Stick reader from Tru-Test – comfortable to use over long periods of time and good battery performance.


UHF readers integrated to Cloudfarms:

  • Small UHF reader for a key chain from Blueberry – reading distance up to 5 cm
  • UHF RFID dongle reader from Arete Pop you plug into your mobile phone – reading distance up to 5 cm