Cooperation partners

We at Cloudfarms are always open for collaboration with companies that deliver products and services to our customers. We believe that together we can create synergies that increase the value provided to our common customers.

Here a short list of partners we collaborate with in alphabetical order.

Breeding organisations

Feeding systems

The below listed feed systems are integrated to Cloudfarms

ESF (Electronic Sow Feeding)

The integration makes sure, that the sow herd in the ESF feed system is up to date to the state, which is preserved in Cloudfarms. That means that

  • animals which leaves the herd, will be removed from the ESF automatically
  • animals which enters the herd, will be removed in the ESF automatically
  • inseminations which are entered in Cloudfarms will be registered in ESF automatically
  • transponder numbers assigned to animals in Cloudfarms will be assigned to animals in ESF automatically
  • an animal’s feeding status or location will be updated in ESF automatically according to the animal’s recent location registered in Cloudfarms
  • another events registered in Cloudfarms (like pregnancy check, farrowing, weaning) will be automatically transferred to ESF if the ESF supports such events
  • the feed curve and the so called feed deviation can be set in Cloudfarms and it will be automatically transferred to ESF*
    * applicable to some of ESF. Contact Cloudfarms to check whether your ESF supports such a possibility).

Supported ESF systems:

Another feeding systems integrated with Cloudfarms

Nedap PPT: Cloudfarms takes over the feed station visits with the given feed intake and weight measured for individual animals. The data is assigned to the test team and the data are graphically visualized.

Schauer PPT: Cloudfarms takes over the feed station visits with the given feed intake for individual animals. The data are assigned to the test team and the data are graphically visualized

Skiold DM5020: Cloudfarms mobile and Cloudfarms Web can be used to manage the valve data in the Skiold DB5020 feed system

Weda liquid feeding: Cloudfarms takes over the feed consumption from Weda for every day, valve and component. It can be used to consolidate feed consumption from multiple kitchen feed-preparation areas.

Slaughter houses

The data about the weights, lean meat percentage, buying prices from the slaughter houses is an important information that allows the farmer to control the management of the finisher farms. Currently we exchange data with the following slaughterhouses:

Medicine registration

The usage of medicine on the farms in focus in many countries. We at Cloudfarms are working on making the reporting to the authorities as easy and as precise as possible. In Finnland we have full integration with the ETT Sikava system.

Eletronic ear tags and ear tag Readers

Cloudfarms can manage both UHF and LF ear tags. It is important that you select the reader that support your electronic eartags.

Eartags Suppliers

Ear tag reader Suppliers

The electronic eartag readers can be acquired as a build in reader into the mobile phone, or a stand alone reader integrated with the Cloudfarms application via Bluetooth.

Here a short list of the integrated devices:

Built in RFID readers

The RFID reader distributed by P.Lindberg comes in two variants: LF and UHF, so that you can chose the variant that is compatible with the ear tags that you use.

The UHF device from aitronic comes also with a dedicated QR code reader that can also be used with the Cloudfarms application. It however lacks a general usage camera that limits it a bit in certain processes.

External readers integrated via Bluetooth

Regardless whether you want to use the small simple or one of the more sophisticated stick LF readers from Allflex, you can be sure that they are fully compatible with the Cloudfarms application.

 The stick LF scanner XRS2 from Tru Test is also well integrated with the Cloudfarms application.

If you need an UHF scanner that can scan both individual animals on shorter distance as well as whole groups of animals in a longer range, the UHF handheld scanner 1128 from Technology Solutions Ltd is compatible with the  Cloudfarms mobile application.