Cloudfarms is a cloud based Pig Production Management System, it means you can run the system via a browser on your computer or tablet. The system supports all the pig production processes incl. breeding, multiplication and nucleus management.
Data registration in Cloudfarms is made simple and can be done via smartphones directly in the stables, it saves time and reduces the mistakes.

Cloudfarms consist of modules, you can choose exactly the modules you want to run. Further, the system runs in 14 languages.

Core Management

Core Management
Core Pig Management module allows you to manage all the key
functions on your farm and the basic reports. The Core Management
module offers:

  • Full scale Pig Production Management solution
  • Support all processes for full-line and specialized pig farms
  • Build for large multi-sited pig producers
  • Optimized for fast entry of large amount of data
  • Complete location based management of all pigs
  • Automatic weight calculation based on growth curves
  • Instant statistics, reports and excel export of all data
  • Breeding and Reproduction Management
  • Full DanAvl integration and Nucleus Management


Smart Mobile

Smart Mobile is optimized to capture data from the activities you are doing inside the stables. The mobile is very user friendly so non-technical people easily can enter data. Data is validated instantly and warnings are displayed to the user if data could be wrong.
The Smart Mobil offers:

  • Easy and fast data entry for non-technical persons
  • QR enabled readings of pigs and locations
  • Instant validation – reducing incorrect data entry
  • Online history and checklists
  • Off-line usage inside stables
  • Farrowing control and alarms – to increase number of liveborns


Analysis & Hierarchy Reporting

Hierarchy Reporting
You can in a easy way include those sites you would like to have consolidated into the same report. For example create your efficiency report on holding level, regional level or just include those sites you like to include.
The hierarchy reporting offers:

  • Get your multi-sited farm data consolidated in one system
  • Do your multi-sited farm data analysis and reports fast and easy



The custom dashboard function is an effective communicative presentation tool of your farm data. You can for example have a dashboard for breeding and one for weaners. You can display your data in various ways and easily change between graphical and table view. It is also possible to display the KPIs on monitor screens in e.g. lunch rooms for all employees to follow live.

  • Consolidated reporting on all KPIs
  • KPI comparison between internal farms
  • KPI graphs on farm, group and holding level
  • Personalized and farm dashboards
  • Production dashboard inside the stables
  • Production and breed analysis


Issue Management

Issue Management is to help you capture, manage and control all different kind of issues on your farm or farms. With issue management you are able to capture and log an issue when you see it, categorize it and assign it to a responsible person. You can take pictures of the issue so you can easily document the state when the issue has been logged and then later when it has been resolved.

  • Assign issues to the responsible person
  • Follow-up on issue and make comments
  • Improve performance by efficient issue control
  • Statistics on open issues, closed and priority
  • Location based issue management



The benchmarking allows you to compare farms performance on all KPIs. You can do it farm 2 farm or select all farms in the holding and compere all on various KPIs and for a given period. It gives you a graphical view where it is easy to identify areas that need further focus.


  • Compare farm performance
  • Identify areas of improvements
  • Benchmark internal organization units
  • Benchmark on all key performance indicators
  • Graphical benchmarking on a timeline


Integration & Cloud Service

integration and scloud service

The system is a cloud service giving you access from any place in the world and you don’t need software installations and upgrades. You can give access to advisors and vets to view your data directly in the system. Also the system integrate to other essential systems.

  • The system is delivered as a service from the cloud
  • Accessible from wherever and whenever
  • Direct access for your advisors, vets, … (if you allow it)
  • No software installation, maintenance or backups
  • Integration to DanAvl – Animal registration and indexes