Ronshauge Avlscenter

Breeding Center Rønshauge is one of the leading DanAvl breeders in Denmark and international. They have a uncompromised approach to genetic development that has lead to a cooperation with Cloudfarms in developing a new modern and innovative Breeding Module for producers, multipliers and breeders world-wide.

Cloudfarms innovative cloud based it-system improves our efficiency significantly and gives the management a value-added, exact and verifiable platform to manage and control our business

Mads Kring
Owner, Avlscenter Rønshauge A/S

Cloudfarms is reducing our employees manual work processes, so we can focus on what creates value for our business, breeding progress!

Kim Knudsen
Production Manager, Avlscenter Rønshauge A/S


Idavang one of the largest Danish managed Pig producers located in Lithuania and Russia with a production of 3/4 of a million pigs a year, are using Cloudfarms to manage and control the production across 15 sites.


Our people can now focus on managing the pigs, and not on data entry and data consolidation. Cloudfarms is managing all of it for us.

Lars Christiansen
Production Director, Idavang Lithuania

We have never done a stocktaking at our farms so fast and accurate as we can do with the Cloudfarms – Smart mobile.

Ivan Jensen
Operation Manager, Idavang Russia

Halychyna Zahid is a modern Danish-owned agricultural company, located in the western part of Ukraine since year 2006. Halychyna Zahid manages 4.600 sows and produces yearly 145.000 piglets / slaughter pigs for the Ukrainian market.


Cloudfarms Smart Mobile have increased our ability to get an instant and precise picture of our production. We do no longer have to wait weeks and spend a lot of time and effort on entering and correcting data.

Peder Rom Nielsen
Chief Pig Production Manager, Halychyna Zahid


Dan-Slovakia Agrar a.s. is the largest pig producer in Slovakia with 7000 sows and producing more than 220.000 pigs a year at 4 sites.


Cloudfarms is the future within modern pig production management. Our high ambitions for increased productivity and usage of modern technology, Cloudfarms is the only available solution that fulfills our high requirements.

Mogens Hansen
CEO Dan-Slovakia Agrar a.s.


Pigagro has 4 modernized farms sites in south-west and central Slovakia and managing more than 4.200 sows


When Cloudfarms was introduced at our farms, we had resistance against the new technology. But after we have started using Cloudfarms in all the production processes inside the stables and in offices, we found out that it actually was much easier to use than expected, also for non technical people.

Peter Munk Laursen
CEO Pigagro s.r.o.

More Customer Quotes

Allindemagle landbrug

I am impressed how fantastically easy data entry has been and was from day 1. Also we have live results on our large screen every day, it gives a fantastic fast reaction ability.

Kim Kjær Knudsen
Owner, Allindemagle Landbrug


We now have faster registrations as all workers have smartphones available. We have experienced better and faster control of our data registration and we feel that we can rapidly find and correct errors.

Flemming Bang
Owner, Lindemærke


The registrations especially in the farrowing stables is much easier with the Cloudfarms App. Both the registration of dead animals to LG5, and the actual farrowing is much faster. I am also convinced we a make less mistakes now than before – because it is so simple.

Claus Petersen
Owner, Maaling Avl & Opformering

Cloudfarms has given us a better daily overview, especially on the days I have not been in the stables. Also I have the week overviews instantly as all registrations have been made immediately.

Søren Helmer
Owner, Bredebjerggård Svineproduktion ApS & Opformering