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Without Cloudfarms
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This is our stable.
This is the stable worker Stan.
Whenever Stan does anything in the stable, he writes it down on a piece of paper.
In the office, we meet Becky, our back office assistant.
Once in a while she receives the papers from Stan and his colleagues from the stables.
She types the data from the papers into the computer.
Sometimes the data from Stan is unclear or incorrect.
Did Stan mean 3192 or 3742?
Becky is not happy, when she receives incorrect data.
But Becky eventually manages to get the correct data.
Every week Becky prepares a nice report that she sends... Florin the farm manager.
Florin is busy. He verifies the information and makes the needed decisions.
Florin reports to Holger, the production manager of the whole holding.
Holger oversees multiple farms. He receives data from all of them.
He consolidates the data, compares the farms, informs the board...
Holger enjoys spending hours drinking coffee and working on preparing the data for the board and the investors about what has happened on their farms in the last month.
Would you like to see, how the farm changed with Cloudfarms? See the part 2 of this story.
stable worker

Mistakes avoided through immediate data validation

Up to date check lists

Immediate visibility of what other colleagues in stable are doing

Saved time searching in paper lists

back office

No need to re-type data collected in stables

No time wasted for chasing and correcting data nor for preparing routine reports

Instat insight through quick statistics, filtering

Easy export to Excel, PDF

& Florin

farm managers

Dashboard for immediate overview of all key data

Comparison among peer farms

Fast management actions through prompt information

Know who does what, when, how long in the stable

holding managers

Manage whole farm hierarchy in one application

Consolidated reports and benchmarks with one click

Fast innovation through enterprise wide visibility

More profitable business through optimized processes in the whole organization.


Insight into relevant farm data

Fast location of problematic animals on site

Comparable tracking of illnesses and medicament usage

New services can be offered to Cloudfarms customers

breeding expert
(external advisor)

Nucleus management completely integrated with DanAvl

Operational with other breeding companies

On and off site monitoring and advisory

Can provide own reports to all Cloudfarms customers

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To be continued …
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Welcome back to our stable.
Here we meet the stable worker Stan again.
Stan uses the Smart Mobile application to capture data
The application is really simple and easy to use. It records the time, the place, the worker and all needed information about the entered activity.
To avoid typing errors, Stan uses QR codes to enter the sow number and the location.
Still, mistakes can happen. When the application suspects an error, it warns Stan.
The application works also without an Internet connection. When it finds one, it send the data to the server every five minutes.
Immediately after the phone sends the data, everybody can see and work with them. Becky, Florin, Holger - all can immediately see what happens on their farm.
Even Francesca, the farm manager on a farm in other country in our company can see what happened, because Florin granted her access.
Limited access has also been granted to external experts. So that the the breeding expert Brad and the vet Vera can provide their services more efficiently.
What does it mean for the people?
Stay tuned for more stories from our demo farm. In the meantime, you can re-watch the part 1 of this story.